Our Lady’s Mantle  

The Fatima Story - Alive Today

Fatima crowd of September 13, 1917 - estimated at 36,000 - who saw a Golden Globe carry the BVM to and from the site.  No wonder 70-100,000 came the next month!    Read Fatima from the Beginning by Fr. John De Marchi, who interviewed all the living participants in 1946.

Watching the “Miracle of the Sun” on October 13, 1917.   Seen for 25 miles in all directions, the crowd of 100,000 were spellbound, and believed the end of the world had arrived.   The solar disk, pearlescent and viewable, gyrated, rotated, and fell towards the crowd who suddenly found themselves clean and dried, where a moment before were drenched in a torrential downpour in a sea of mud.


Saturated Colors swept the crowd, and Rose Petals fell from the sky and melted away.

The air was refreshed, and the scent of sanctity wafted over the crowd. 


Lucy alone saw O.L. of Dolors and O.L. of Mount Carmel, symbolic of the 2 Orders she would join later in life.  She was told she must stay behind after the other 2 children would go to Heaven.  The BVM promised to continue her close company with Lucy.


All 3 children saw the BVM, Jesus and St. Joseph, the Holy Family. 


Francisco did not ever hear the BVM, but the two girls, Lucy and Jacinta did,

and related the messages and the 3 secrets.


BVM said: “I am the Lady of the Rosary.    Do not continue to offend Jesus any longer, for the cup of iniquity is already overflowing.    Say the Rosary every day for peace.  Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, as many souls go to hell  - because they have no one to pray for them.    I wish for a Chapel to be built here in my honor.”

    The 3 Little Shepherds of Fatima, so poor that these 

   new clothes were given as a gift by a friendly patron.

“Come here on the same day and hour for 6 consecutive months...I will perform a miracle so that all may believe.  Say the Rosary every day.  The war will end soon, but another more terrible war will quickly break out.  If you amend your lives, Russia will be converted, but if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, and the Pope will have much to suffer.  Whole nations will be annihilated, but in the end the Immaculate Heart will Triumph and an Era of Peace will be conceded to mankind. Go now, for you have much to suffer.” 



The gathering place by the tiny Holm Oak sapling was a wild pastureland in 1917.  Few roads could even carry cars.  Life was harsh, subsistence farming, the children had duties of sheep and goat tending while older siblings and adults worked the fields, spun their own yarn and loomed their own cloth.  90 miles from Lisbon and civilization, the peasants lived by grit and Faith.

That Faith was tested in prison with interrogations by Socialist government authorities.  Faith won out and many were converted.   Below is a gallery of photos of Fatima today.

Lucy entered the Dorthinian Order of nuns and was sent to Tuy, in Spain.  Here she had many visions and messages for the Church.  Later she entered the Carmelite Order to increase her Contemplation and reduce her Publicity.  She wrote 4 Major Memoirs and followed it with 2 others and a booklet on her spiritual life, just before her death in 2005.  Sainthood is soon to be granted as it already has with her 2 other shepherd companions.  They are all buried in the Fatima Basilica.

The Capelhina, or chapel, was  built, bombed and rebuilt.  The original Our Lady of Fatima Statue is in a bulletproof glass case - with Pope JP2’s bullet.

The Fatima Basilica and the lone remaining Holm Oak -near the one used by the BVM.

In the wet one minute, and 15 minutes later, dry and clean!

The thin, white line of Marble for Kneeling Pilgrims to Traverse...