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  Barnabite Fathers’ Fatima Shrine, Lockport, New York 


Our Lady of Fatima and Maria Rosa Mystica go hand in hand.

Why appear in Fatima, Portugal, O Loving Mother Mary?

Why appear in a poor Catholic hamlet - named after Mohammed’s daughter?

This, in the Iberian Peninsula - formerly under total Moslem control. 

And just a month before the Russian Revolution in 1917,

which nation would persecute the Church and the West for nearly a Century. 

And today, at the 90th anniversary of Fatima, Moslem extremists again persecute the West.

Perhaps under the sponsorship of pseudo-Communist Russia.


The BVM knew something about our future that will make these historical connections vital.


The 1984 “Entrustment of the World” by Pope JP2 to the IHM was accepted in Heaven, which will produce global Fruits of Grace, even if it does not halt the Chastisement of mankind that the Consecration of Russia (by the Pope in unison with all his Bishops) to the IHM promises to do.


Moslems do venerate both The Blessed Virgin Mary (often going to Her shrines) as well as Mohammed’s daughter Fatima.


The Virgin Mary has appeared in Zeitoun, Egypt that even drew Moslem President Anwar Sadat to view Her Presence at the Coptic church.  Mary commands respect worldwide in all cultures.
























Regardless of controversies over the Secrets of Fatima, Confusion and Apostasy in the Faith,

Disintegration of Culture and Peace in the West, Wars and Genocides, the final outcome is known: “In The End, MY Immaculate Heart WILL Triumph!”


Being a Mother of Love, there must be some future healing to be done amongst Her children of many different cultures, all under the gaze of the Same One God and Father. 

Mary is mercy, unity and forgiveness surpassed only by God Himself.

Rome, 1984

Lucia’s home, 1917

Cova d’Iria, Fatima, 1917

Walled towns of the Iberian Peninsula are remnants of earlier Moslem conflicts.

Iberian Peninsula and N. African Coast, once fully Moslem territory.

The apparitions were witnessed by millions of Egyptians and foreigners

  St. Mary Coptic Church

         Zeitoun, Egypt

The Beginning of the Apparition

First came the Holy Spirit

Then, the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Egyptians of all Faiths were touched by Mary’s appearance.

Short History of Fatima

Loca do Cabeco - place of the hilltop cave, now uncovered, where the Angel gave them a Holy Communion of Reparation for the remission of crimes of Humanity.

Home Parish in Fatima where the 3 children were baptized and prayed

Pope JP2 thanked OLF

    for saving his life!

The Well near Arniero, where the Angel appeared to teach them to pray.

Marto Home in Ajustrel, a mile from Fatima, and close to the Dos Santos Home (below).