Maria “Rosa Mystica” 1947-1991


    “Pray for the Priests - and those Consecrated to the Lord!”



What follows is a report by Fr. John Starace of the Marian Apparitions to Pierina Gilli in the town of Montichiari, and nearby at Fontanelle in Brescia, Northern Italy,

the regional origins of Pope Paul VI. 

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“Salvation is to be had only through a genuine renewal.  But a renewal must, as throughout

 the Church’s history, start from the head and spread to the members. 

 The shepherds must first be renewed, then the flock.”


“Rosa Mystica” asks for the Renewal of Priests, Religious Orders, Institutes and Consecrated People.










Beginning in 1947, and continuing until the death of seer Pierina Gilli in 1991,

Rosa Mystica remains a popular favorite.  Six local bishops have expressed their belief in the appearances, but so far no official declaration has been made.


Our Lady originally appeared in the Spring of 1947 with 3 Swords piercing her breast and said only the words: “Prayer, Penance and Expiation!” 


The 3 SWORDS symbolized: lost vocations, lost grace of religious not living rigorously,

and lost faith of religious leaving vocations behind to return to the world. 


On June 13 She appeared with 3 ROSES on her chest; a white, red and gold rose symbolizing Prayer, Sacrifice with Expiation and Penitence


She wished to have the 13th day of each month dedicated to her, a “Day of Mary,”

and on each July 13th dedicated to her title, Rosa Mystica, the Mystical Rose,

Mother of the Church..


“Our Lord, my divine Son, is tired of the many offences, the severe offences, the sins against holy purity…He wants to send another Flood of Punishment…I have interceded that He may be Merciful once more.  Therefore, I ask prayer and penitence to expiate these sins.

I ardently ask the priests to admonish the people to not commit these sins any more. 

He will pardon so long as one does not commit them any more.   Penitence means acceptance of the little daily crosses - and also doing one’s work in the spirit of penitence.”


“At Noon on December 8th I will appear to initiate an “Hour of Grace” for the conversion of hardened souls.”  Intercede for all in your lives, without interruption of any kind for 1 hour, after reciting 3x Psalm 51, the Miserere.


On December 7 th Mary appeared with Jacinta & Francisco Marto of Fatima to say: “Tomorrow I will show you my Immaculate Heart. 

In Fatima I spread the Dedication to the Immaculate Heart. 

In Bonate I tried to introduce this devotion into Christian Families. 

Here in Montichiari, I wish the devotion of the Rosa Mystica together with the veneration of my Immaculate Heart to be increased in the monastic communities and religious institutes in order that these souls dedicated to God may receive more graces from my motherly heart. 

As for the two children of Fatima, I wish you to be as simple as these children used to be.”


On December 8, 1947 the Blessed Mother appeared descending a long staircase saying:

“I am the Immaculate Conception.  I am ‘Mary of Grace,’ that is, FULL of Grace, Mother of my divine Son, Jesus Christ.  I wish to celebrate on this day at Noon, every year, the Hour of Grace for the whole world.  With this exercise one will receive numerous spiritual and bodily graces.  Our Lord, my divine son, Jesus, will be abundantly merciful so long as good men go on praying for their fellow men.  He who prays on these bricks and sheds tears of repentance will find a secure ladder to Heaven and get protection and graces from my motherly heart.”


Our Lady showed Pierina Gilli her Immaculate Heart, saying

“Look at this heart which loves human beings so very much, though most of them overwhelm it with abuses!  When good people and bad people unite in prayer they will receive mercy and peace from this heart.  A the present the Lord has been merciful to the good ones because of my intercession.  This has delayed a great Judgement of God.  Very soon you will know how important this Hour of Grace is.  I have an abundance of graces ready for all those children who hear my voice and take my wishes to heart.” 


Our Lady left after confiding a Secret to Pierina Gilli for future publication to the world.


Many healings followed her appearances in Montichiari, well documented by medical authorities.  The bishop of Brescia sent Pieriina Gilli to a convent for spiritual advice and low publicity. 


In Feb of 1966 while in her room praying, Pierina Gilli had a visitation of Our Lady who told her to be ready for an apparition at nearby Fontanelle on Mercy Sunday, the 17th .

This occurred and the BVM initiated a healing well, The Spring of Grace:


“For the “sick and all my children (who) shall first ask my divine Son to forgive them, and then lovingly kiss this Cross and then they should draw water for drink. 

I wish the sick and all my children to come to this miraculous well. 

Your mission (Pierina Gilli) is now here, amidst the sick and all who need your help.

Tell the faithful to first go to the Church and Adore my son Jesus in the most holy Sacrament of the altar.  Afterwards they are to come here.  First they are to give thanks to the Lord who is so benign and merciful and who gave so much love and grace to Montichiari.


By order of the bishop, in early 1966, Pierina Gilli was forbidden to go to Fontanelle.


Later, the hilltop Castle of St. Mary” was purchased and refurbished for use by sick, elderly, esp. priests, housing a church chapel within.  It was inaugurated in a solemn ceremony by the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Portugal, Joao Pereira Vencancio, who was immediately interested in this apparition of Our Lady, seeing in it a connection to the Fatima Apparitions.


On May 13, 1966 the BVM appeared to say:


“My divine Son is all love.  The world is approaching ruin. Once more I have obtained mercy for you; therefore He sent me again to Montichiari to bring you graces of His love…Prayer-Sacrifice-Penitence are necessary to save humanity.  I wish a convenient basin to be built here to immerse the sick in the water…the other part of the well is to be reserved for drinking. 

Pierina Gilli was shown a complex of buildings which were future extensions of her mission in Fontanelle.


Spreading wide Her Lady’s Mantle, the BVM said:

“this signifies my motherly love which is spread over all humanity and all my children.”


On June 9th, Corpus Christi, she returned to ask the wheat in the nearby field be used for small loaves and communion Hosts of Expiation to be sent to the Pope and on to Fatima, Portugal by October 13th...  The small loaves would be distributed to pilgrims at the well.  It would be a sign of gratitude for those who till the soil. 


She said she wanted a statue erected there facing the well and roofed over. 

They must bring the Rosa Mystica statue in procession on Oct. 13 annually. 

The people of Montichiari are to devote themselves to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.


On August 6, 1966 the BVM appeared to ask for a World Union of Communions of Expiation on the 13th of each October


“To the priests and believers in this practice I promise and abundance of my graces.  After my Assumption into Heaven I have always worked as Mother and Mediatrix between my divine Son, Jesus Christ, and humanity.”


“How many graces have I granted in all these centuries.. how many benefits… how many judgements have I held up… how many dialogues I have had with souls…

How often did I come to earth to bring my messages, but human beings go on offending the Lord!  That is why I want a world union of expiatory communions. 

This will be an act of love, of gratitude of the children of God towards their Lord. 


I have chosen the little town of Montichiari because of the simple and modest farmers there have the same humility as the farmers of Bethlehem.  This place will be a place where there is much prayer and a place of rich blessings.” 


She repeated her admonition to Pray the Rosaryat many times during the apparitions of Montichiari-Fontanelle, explaining it has a strong connection to the Immaculate Heart


“It glorifies the Lord, the King of Creation and King of the Universe.  “Children love one another, love God and your neighbor.  Make many sacrifices of love.  Prayer is love that ascends to Heaven.” 


By order of the bishop, Pierina Gilli has been forbidden to go to Fontanelle since the early months of 1966.


The BVM has appeared many times since that date, most notably to promote the Rosary and to explain that her Fiat, saying “yes” to the Angel Gabriel, allowed her to receive all the graces from God the Father which continue forever. 


Pierina Gilli heard angels sing:

         “Mary, Mother of God, Mother of Grace,

           be glorified by all men and through all ages!”


The Fiat has 3 meanings – the Fiat of Creation, of Redemption and as the role as a     

Co-Mediatrix.  These are bound together in her Fiat of compliance to the will of God.


On October 13, 1969 Pirina Gilli had a visit from the BVM to learn Our Lady covers with her Mantle those who are recommended to her.


Nobody will be lost if another prays and sacrifices for them.” 


Fiery skies!

On April 20 & December 9, 1969 many witnesses saw the Fatima “Miracle of the Sun” replayed in the threatening skies over Fontanelle.


The sun also stated blinking an SOS - for “Save our Souls!” 

It turned red, yellow and white in order, like the 3 roses of Rosa Mystica.


A Wandering Madonna!

Prior to installation in the church of Montichairi, the First Rosa Mystica statue wandered by itself through the large parish of Montichiari.  It had a great affect on the people of the town.  Many fell at their knees before it and were instantly converted. 


In 1970 she asked we “give love – giving love – nothing is greater!” 

She also appeared with a rosary that had a large medal - instead of a cross at the end. 

It was to be the Rosa Mystica Medal for Mary, Mother of the Church


“This is the medal of my motherly love; it is a sign that my children will always have me with them.  This is the triumph of universal love.  The blessing of the Lord will always be with those who resort to me!”


In 1971 She decried that people were “no longer seeking God!  Humanity is running, running towards its ruin!  So many souls will be eternally lost!  In these times it is necessary to flock together in prayer and love around the Lord.  He needs loyal and strong souls to prove to the world that my divine Son, Jesus Christ, has sacrificed himself to reveal His heart of merciful love.” 


In 1972 She said: “Times have become dark, full of confusion and horror.  But if people pray and do penance this heart of a mother will once more get light, love and grace for the whole world from the Lord, my divine Son, Jesus Christ.  The mercy of the Lord is always provided for in God’s plan of Salvation

The time to speak has come:  it is time when men attack the works of God and also deny that He has chosen me as his Mother.  I am the mother of the Lord and mother of Love for all humanity.  Children, love one another with brotherly love, and the peace of the Lord will triumph.”


In 1975 She asked for love and support for the Pope and the Church. 

She was very pleased to see the growth of Pilgrim Madonnas going about the world’s communities - to which she promised to accompany - along with a host of Angels - to praise the Lord, and thus He causes special graces to flow down from Heaven into these devoted souls.


Jesus commented on the 8th of Sept. in 1975 concerning the Pilgrim Madonnas:


“On arrival of the Pilgrim Madonna say first:

 The Angelus, 7 Aves and 7 Glorias in honor of the 7 Sorrows of Mary, Mother of the Church. 

 When leaving, say 7 Aves and 7 Glorias in honor of the 7 Joys of Mary


Then sing “Mary, Open Wide Your (Mantle) Cloak,” or another Marian hymn. 

Then the priest of his representative is to give the blessing in My Name. 


Say often this prayer: 

              “Holy Mary, conceived without original sin,

                refuge of Priests and Religious,

                pray to Jesus for them!” 


“When handing over the Heavenly Mother, My Mother,

the Priest, or one representing him, should first give the holy blessing and pray:

             ”Receive the exalted Pilgrim, who comes to you seeking help, with joy!



Bring offerings and do penance for the Holy Church throughout the world, for all mankind, but especially for My Priests and those specially devoted to My service...


Our Lady commended her devout children, who further her plans with their prayers and sacrifices.  “From this, will come the Triumph of the Church and you, yourselves, will receive the glories of Heaven.  Continue to spread the light and love of the message I revealed in Montichiari. 

It applies quite specially to those who are dedicated to God,



She also said:  “Pierina, tell the pilgrims I grant them great graces because they have consoled the heart of my divine Son, and my heart, too.  They must go on loving these two hearts.” 


In Feb. of 1976 The BVM said:

”O my children, I love you with the love of Jesus Himself - and that is an immeasurable love.  I want to save you all.  I come to bring harmony so that  peace may reign in the world.  Like a loving mother I am striving everywhere to gather my children around me, even those far removed.  With the patience and mercy of the Lord I am waiting for their return.   See! This is the motherliness of the Mother of God - whose anxiety is boundless to lead ALL to the Lord. 

O, my children, do go on praying and interceding!  Jesus never refuses me anything.  He refuses no request made by His Mother.  He wishes always to give Himself to the whole of Mankind!  What love could be greater than the love of my divine Son, Jesus Christ! 


Pierina, tell everyone I expect their cooperation! Large numbers of my earthly children receive me apathetically - and remain deaf to our invitation to love our Lord more and more. 


Pierina, repeat to my Specially Loved Children, the Priests, my desire that they should love me! They must announce it to everyone and not allow all the work I have done for centuries to save my children, who are in great peril, to be in vain.


I shall intervene, the clouds shall vanish and the glory of the Lord will triumph. 

Onward.  Trust. Courage.

Go to Holy Mass!  Come together to pray in the church.  Go zealously to the holy sacraments to receive the grace of loyalty, and give to the world an example of true Christians! 

Do all of this if you wish to be saved.  Prayer!  Sacrifice!  Atonement!


In April, 1976 the BVM said :

“Say to the sick and all who have to endure worry and sorrow that this becomes the altar of their sacrifice, upon which, however, superabundant graces are drawn from heaven.  Through these, indeed, my very special love comes to numerous families, to many hearts and souls.  And they later become a glorious crown for all eternity.  Be then of good heart.  I am with them giving them my special protection.”

On this day, Whitsunday, I shall be specially present and as a memorial of this day, the other springs here - are now to be consecrated and blessed by our presence.”


A huge Cross was then visible to all. 

This Great Cross is to be erected in the middle of the square near the little chapel.  All my children who pray looking at this cross will receive great graces.  The sight of this cross is to grant to all the light of faith, hope and love.  In particular, by it, my sinful children will be saved.  Come hither, my children!  Here I have opened up a fountain of forgiveness and love!” 

It is now the hour in which I desire that my love and the Lord’s mercy shall be extended to the whole world”

Pray and make offerings to gain eternal salvation. 

Love one another as good brothers and sisters. 

I come to bring peace to your souls and concord to your hearts.


I am Mary, the Mediatrix of Grace!

I am your mother, stooping down to offer to Jesus, my divine Son, your anxieties and your needs, your prayerful intentions.  And He, in appreciation of the love of His mother, confers upon her the power of making petitions and bestowing His favors upon the world.”


My children, pray, and do not be afraid - if in these days the great Enemy strives to obscure the light of my divine Son, Jesus Christ. 

You, my children, who cooperate, and (those who) ensure the safety of Fontanelle, the place so specially loved by us…you will receive a specially great reward, and great evidences of grace! 

Live always in this, my love.


Tell the pilgrims to invoke specially the Angel Raphael, and I shall come myself with heavenly graces.” (Raphael is the angel of healing, consolation and defense against demonic attacks).


In 1973 She again brought her Motherly invitation so thatmy children may feel the beating of my heart.  I desire my wishes be fulfilled.  Fontanelle will be transformed into a light-house of prayer – of penitence


For penitence here I desire one go on foot to the Bridge of Fontanelle and pray – Pray! 

I do wish people begin this practice at once. 

I am Mary, Mother of the Mystical Body, the Church.


In 1947 it was an invitation for all my children of the church to Prayer, Penitence and Expiation.  Dark times of ungodliness were beginning.  Love for the Lord and his Mother was diminishing.  But if people listen to this invitation the mercy and graces of the Lord will let Rosa Mystica bloom again.” 


“Montichiari will become the mountain from which the mystical light will radiate to the whole world.  Yes, that will happen.”


Mystical, in the language of the church, means Knowledge of God by Experience.

It means to become aware of the presence of God in our soul.  Mary is the best teacher of Mysticism. 


She said: “Here will be the return to the true Faith, to the true love of the Lord.  Then will follow the re-union in faith of the different churches and peace for the whole world.


She left Pierina Gilli with a great mystical joy and new courage to accept with pleasure all humiliations.


On March 24, 1983 Pierina Gilli saw the BVM surrounded by many priests in their clerical clothes. 

You my faithful children will have to suffer. My heart is always open.  Human science would like to destroy the works of God, but He is more powerful and infinitely merciful!

Truly, My Children, do not let others confuse you!

Remain united!  Continue to pray faithfully. Make this place into a holy place of peace.

I am always present here to accept your prayers and troubles.”


In a great light Our Lady shone above a great 5-Domed Church (yet unbuilt). 

“One day this will be a reality!  My daughter, do not be afraid!

 I am always near you in order to give everyone the graces of my motherly love!”


The Witness!

The parish priest in Montichiari for 22 years, Monsignor Abate Francisco Rossi, wrote about its many miracles and the local bishop convened a board of inquiry - but it failed to conclude as it was fraught with negativity.  Many feared reprisals.  They never interviewed any witnesses, and refused to look at medical claims, but had a medical authority declare that Pierina Gilli was “addicted to morphene” after she told them she took sedatives for a kidney disease that relieved soon afterwards. 


Six bishops in succession have said they believed in the apparitions, but have not given the required church approval.  However, there is no prohibition for the faithful and sickly to visit.


Many spontaneous healings and conversions have now been documented with a body of evidence that should bring Church approval sometime in the future.   


Pope Paul 6 had the Pilgrim Madonna #50 in his residence since 1975. 

Pope John Paul 2 blessed the statue of Rosa Mystica in Rome on more than one occasion.  He kept a statue in his private chapel during his pontificate. 


Many of the Pilgrim Madonna statues worldwide have cried human tears - or tears of blood. 


The Rev. Fr. Thaddeus Laux of Salvator College, D-7954 Bac Wurzach, West Germany who liases with the Vatican, had a private audience with the Holy Father in 1985.

Pope John Paul II told Fr. Laux:
"I am receiving many reports from Cardinals, Bishops and Missions...reports of Rosa Mystica statues shedding tears, reports of cures and conversions through the Rosa Mystica, reports that people return to prayer and penance through the Rosa Mystica statue of Montichiari."

The Holy Father asked Cardinal Martini of Milan and two bishops of the Vatican to visit the seer Pierina Gilli, to speak with her, to investigate the apparition, and to give their reports.

Cardinal Ratzinger was asked to keep his eye on the investigation. The Holy Father's concern and urgency is understandable considering that it is alleged that presently more than 70 Rosa Mystica statues are weeping worldwide.

Devotion to Rosa Mystica is strong in the Eastern Church and the Litany of Loreto extols her.  In 1738 a miraculous painting of Rosa Mystica was painted with 3 colored roses and venerated for its powers.  It also has 13 golden roses in the painting, now kept in the church of Maria Rosenberg in Speyer, Germany.  It may have a connection to the 13th, the Day of Mary.


   Pierina Gilli died in 1991 and is buried nearby.   The shrine is open today.


To some, this Marian Apostolate has spiritually taken fire in Medjugore where the BVM has apparently been appearing since 1984 with similar requests for prayer, penance and sacrificial fasting for Church, Priests and World Peace.  Many lives have been changed following pilgrimages there. 

“Mary, Mystical Rose, Mother of the Church,

 Help the Holy Father and all Bishops, Priests and all Religious. 

 Intercede for the contested Church of our times. 

 Pray for our threatened world, into which Satan’s hot breath is blowing. 

 Draw us all to your Immaculate Motherly Heart. 

 You are Our Merciful Mother.  Amen”    — Fr. John  Starace

 Fr. Gobbi is from Lake Como,  

 lives in Milan, and in time and

 space & spirit is a contemporary

 with Rosa Mystica, at Montichiari,

 and Fontanelle - as shown in this

 map of Brescia Province, Italy. 


It is OLM’s opinion that when Rosa Mystica was not openly proclaimed by the local bishops,  the BVM went to Fr. Gobbi to garner prayers for Her Pope and Her Priests in 1972.

  Our Lady’s Mantle  

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