Our Lady’s Mantle

Faith Basics

Victims of an Archangel of Evil, Adam and Eve fell - bringing into the world sin and suffering,

death and judgment.  Heaven closed.

Only a promised Messiah could pay the ransom for banished Humanity to a hurt Father.

Moses received the 10 Commandments,

the foundation of our conduct in this life.

In The Beginning (of Time) was the Word…

All things were created by Him: and without Him was created nothing that was created...

Jesus, who knew not Sin, became Sin for us… Emmanuel, with us ALWAYS;      The Messiah.

The Lamb slain for the sin of Adam and Eve.

The First and the Last.   The New Adam, entering Time & Space as a Victim Soul, Redeemer & Judge.  Our Jesus, Our Life —  Mankind’s Eternity!

Co-Mediatrix and dispenser of All Grace!

Jesus cannot refuse Mary’s requests for aid.

We all died at the Cross...

The Woman of the Apocalypse, Mary,  our Second Advent, whose Immaculate Heart will Triumph at the end of the Purification.  The Period of Peace of Fatima.

The Judge of All Creatures

Before Time, God was a spirit, Alone.   He begot the Son and their Love   produced the Holy Spirit.

Creation followed. 

Time and 3-Space began.

A miraculous birth.

Emmanuel: God with us.

Fleeing in Terror from Herod’s Soldiers, living in Egypt as Exiles.

Priest, Teacher, Healer, Exorcist, Friend.

 At 12 Found in the Temple

At 40 days dedicated to God’s Service

At 33 cleansing the Temple of the money changers.

At 30 calling his Apostles

Last Supper,  First Eucharist

  Only 1 Day in the Sun

He is Gone to the Father - and will Return likewise - in clouds and in Power - to Judge the Earth.


          BE THOU READY !

Of  3 days He spent entombed…

Then returned of His own Power.

Do likewise, teaching all men what you have learned from Me!  

Peter, the Rock, upon whom I build MY Church!     Yea, Even Today!!

Where the Son is, so also is the Mother.

     What awaits - is Dimensionless!


        Eternity  :  Infinity  :  Unity


      GOD:  The Spiritual Singularity,

                   Who exists on LOVE.

Love your Brothers as yourself!   



Serve your Brothers - as you would Serve Me!     

Build up your Brothers - as I now Assist YOU.   


What you do to One - you do to Me - you do to yourselves!

Hurt yourself, even before your Brothers.


We are one in the Father! 

You are Temples of the Holy Spirit.   


Know, LOVE & Serve your GOD within your Immortal Soul.


Happiness and Peace are the Fruits of LOVE,

whereas Wars are the fruits of Sin, Hatred, Greed and Fear. 


Fear NOT!

  Sin NOT!




Give Evidence to Others of this GIFT! 

Be GENEROUS - I will not be OUTDONE!




We will be Eternally IN LOVE!

  Receive the Power!

Where the rubber

  meets the road!

Come, Follow Me...

· 6  Laws (Precepts) To  Remain  A  Baptised  Catholic:

· Keep Sundays & Holy Days of Obligation HOLY, by hearing Mass

        while Resting from Servile Work.

· Keep the Days of Fasting and Abstinence appointed by the Church.

· Go to Confession at least once a year.

· Receive Holy Communion at least once a year - at Easter Time.

· Contribute to the Support of  The Church   (Moses said: give 10% of gross $$).

· Follow the Marriage Laws.


7 Sacraments - Outward Signs instituted by Christ to give us Grace:


 +  Baptism in Holy Spirit

 +  Confession & Reconciliation w/God

 +  Communion with Christ

 +  Confirmation as Soldiers of Christ

 +  Extreme Unction of Last Rites

 +  Holy Orders of Priestly Service

 +  Matrimony of Lifetime Partnership

7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit


   *  Wisdom

   *  Understanding

   *  Counsel

   *  Fortitude

   *  Knowledge

   *  Piety

   *  Fear of the Lord

               WORK in the Vineyard!

  “Do not return to God with Empty Hands…


      7 Spiritual Works of Mercy


  ~  Convert the sinner

  ~  Instruct the Ignorant

  ~  Counsel the Doubtful

  ~  Comfort the Sorrowful

  ~  Bear Wrongs Patiently

  ~  Forgive Injuries

  ~  Pray for the Living and the Dead


    7 Corporal Works of Mercy


  >  Feed the Hungry

  >  Give Drink to the Thirsty

  >  Clothe the Naked

  >  Shelter the Homeless

  >  Visit the Sick

  >  Visit the Imprisoned

  >  Bury the Dead

I AM the Lord, your One GOD, all others are false, as are all graven images of  false idols.

Do not Misuse MY NAME in any fashion.

Keep HOLY the Sabbath Day.

Honor your Father and your Mother.

Do not Kill Others, Steal anything, nor Commit Adultery, nor Bear False Witness against Others, nor Covet the Wives or Goods of Others.