Silence in the Prayer Life

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Rev. John A. Hardon, SJ, explains the need for prayers for priests in the forward of this collection of prayers for priests, written by various saints, popes, and cardinals.


Basic introduction to Church teaching on the existence of the devil and prayers to combat him. A powerful and much needed book. By Fr. Basil Nortz, ORC

$7.00 ‘the sublime model of consecration to the Father, union with the Son, and openness to the Spirit,’ illuminates also the mystery of the Holy Trinity, of Christ, and of the Church (p. 6). “Father Stöckle, ORC has spent himself for the good of the Church by identifying how Our Lady is, in the mind of Pope John Paul II, the Model for and Mother of consecrated persons...It is highly recommended for all consecrated men and women, as well as for those interested in the Consecrated Life (especially youth as they discern their vocation).”
~Rev. Charles M. Mangan, Homiletic and Pastoral Review.
Soft cover, 582 pp.


Little Catechism on the Angels

Handy, quick, up-to-date overview of Catholic teaching on the angels from talks by Pope John Paul II, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


The Little Manual
of the Holy Angels

Prayers, novenas, and hymns to the Holy Angels for lay people and religious.


The Discernment of Spirits
in Our Times

By Fr. Joseph Kieninger, ORC
In our times many claim to have received revelations. This booklet gives biblical and ecclesiastical
criteria for discernment of the veracity of private revelations.


The Cross: an Angelic Rule of Life

By Fr. William Wagner, ORC

Based on Scripture and the desert Fathers, Fr. William explains the Cross of Christ and how the holy angels lead us to courage and fortitude in bearing our own cross. (Taken from the set, God the Merciful Father.)

Set of 2 CD's - $12.00

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Consecration to the
Guardian Angel


Litany to the
Guardian Angel

Litany of Jesus Christ
Priest and Victim

of the Holy Angels

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What is the Order of the Holy Cross?    

What is its Task and Relation to the OA?


In many members of the Work of the Holy Angels, OA, especially in young people, there arose the desire to consecrate their lives totally to God.  For this reason priests who had devoted themselves to the growth and development of the Work of the Angels undertook the foundation of male and female religious communities.


At first, the "Societas Fratrum a Cruce," a community for men, was established in the Archdiocese of Aparecida, Brazil. For women, the "Societas Sororum a Cruce" was established. Both groups see themselves as communities that pursue a religious life in the classical sense.


Further, the community of the “Mission Helpers” was established; they dedicate themselves both to the apostolic and to the social and charitable mandates of the Church in a form that responds to the needs of the Church in the modern world.


In their further efforts to found a religious institute recognized by the Church, the leading members were counseled not to found a new community but rather to restore an old Order, whose religious ideals were in harmony with those goals that the Opus Angelorum seeks to realize.


In their search they came upon the Order (of the Canons Regular) of the Holy Cross.


This Order had been founded in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1131, and had applied itself particularly to the proclamation of the Holy Gospel and to the Solemn Liturgy.  


The first prior was Saint Theotonius [of Coimbra], the first canonized saint of Portugal.









                                                                 The Seal of the Order, a large Cross with two Angels in Adoration, already showed

                                                                 that this ancient Order cultivated a special veneration of the Holy Angels.

                                                                 The Order flourished for 700 years, until it was violently suppressed by the liberal

                                                                 government in 1834.


Further amazing coincidences with the ideals pursued by the Work of the Holy Angels finally led to the ecclesiastical restoration of this Order of the Holy Cross by members of the Work of the Holy Angels.

This was finalized by a decree of the Holy See of May 29, 1979.


One of the principal tasks of the old Order of the Cross was the direction of the medieval University of Coimbra. For centuries, indeed, up until the suppression of the Order, it provided the Rector of the University.


Shortly after the restoration a diocesan Bishop from Brazil came to Rome and asked Pope John Paul II in a personal audience on July 4, 1983, whether he might engage Theologians from the Work of the Holy Angels for the purpose of building up his seminary.


The Holy Father gave his consent.

The Order of the Holy Cross saw this invitation as a mandate and took up the old teaching tradition of the Order anew.  In the meantime, the Order's "Institutum Sapientiae" as a center for priestly formation could be established in the diocese of that same Bishop.


The spirit of Adoration, the spiritual and ascetical Training of the candidates to the priesthood, the Celebration of the Solemn Liturgy and a deepened Prayer Life form the foundation for the education at this Institute. 


Objectives of this education are an unconditional following of the Cross, an ever more intimate love for the Lord in the Most Blessed Eucharist and for His Mother Mary, the Queen of the Angels and Mother of all priests


Solid scientific studies of philosophy and theology in fidelity to the Magisterium and to the living Tradition are aimed at providing the Catholic Church with well-trained, zealous priests who are devoted to the care of souls and whose hallmark is obedience to the Holy Father, and to the legitimate ecclesiastical authority.


The formation is accompanied by the fervent prayers of the faithful.


Students to the priesthood hail from many different nations, members of diverse religious communities and dioceses are presently attending the new faculties of philosophy and theology.


From 1983-1996, 60 seminarians, who had received their formation at the Institutum Sapientiae, were ordained priests.


In addition to this special apostolate dedicated to the Formation of Priests, the Order seeks to help deepen the spiritual life of Priests and Consecrated Souls, and engages in the pastoral ministry in general.


The canonical life in community, following the pattern of our Lord's life together with His Apostles ("Vita apostolica") and in accordance with the Rule of St. Augustine, serves the purpose of mutual support and provides principally for the solemn celebration of the liturgy.


The Church explicitly recognizes the Order of the Cross and the Work of the Holy Angels as two autonomous institutions, which may enrich one another spiritually.


This brief information is designed to offer only a generic overview of the Work of the Holy Angels.


A more comprehensive Introduction, Orientation and further direction are available

to those who participate in Retreats or Days of Recollection

conducted by the Priests of the Work and the Order of the Holy Cross.  

Further information may be sought on an individual basis.


With the approval of the Delegate of the Holy See

August 18, 1997

Rev. Fr. Benoît Duroux, OP




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The Work of the Holy Angels
and Its Mission within the Church

by Fr. William Wagner, ORC

Preliminary Remarks

The Work of the Holy Angels is a recognized spiritual movement within the bosom of the Holy Catholic Church which aims at fostering an Intimate Collaboration with the Holy Angels - for the glorification of God and for the sanctification (salvation) of souls.

As such it is a spiritual gift of God to the Church, one, however, which occasions special joy in heaven inasmuch as it promises to facilitate greatly the salvific mission of the Holy Angels.

The Holy Spirit has poured out innumerable charisms upon the Church, both decorating the Spouse of Christ, and preparing her for every good work.

The Apocalypse offers us a prophetic vision of the progress of the Pilgrim Church upon earth as it is cleansed and purified through time in preparation for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

There we behold the significant, but largely invisible, Mission of the Holy Angels, Christ’s servants, sent out to invite us and prepare us for the coming of the Lamb. In the panorama of the Apocalypse, indeed, throughout Holy Scripture the holy angels exercise a vast array of ministries.

Pope John Paul II does not hesitate to affirm that the angels carry out a "messianic ministry" under Christ and in the service of the Church...