Leon, Mexico       MMP Cenacle Mass

Fr. James B. Reichmann, S.J.

Seattle University

Archdiocesan Moderator 

Fr. Steven Gobbi,  MMP founder, shown with Pope John Paul 2

in Vatican Chapel

The “Manual” of the MMP


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A “Diary” of Fr. Gobbi’s Travels through the World with Holy Mary via the Church Calendar and important Feast days.  See with Her Eyes the present state of our lives.

                                       Pray for the success of Fr. Gobbi’s world tours!


Fr. Gobbi’s Schedule - after returning from his South America 21-city tour, Feb. - March


April 2007

19 : BOLOGNA, Emilia Romagna,   10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles

24 : FIRENZE, Toscana,                    10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles

26 : COLLEVALENZA, Umbria,     10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles

30 : SAN GABRIELE, Abruzzo,       10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles


May 2007

 2 : ROMA, Lazio,                10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles

 3 : NAPOLI, Campania,      10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles

 8 :  BARI, Puglia,                 10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles

14 : CARAVAGGIO, Lombardia,    10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles

17 : GENOVA, Liguria,       10:00  +   6:00 PM Cenacles 

22 : TORINO, Piemonte,     10:00  + 6:00 PM Cenacles 

29 : SAN VITO, Friuli Venezia-Giulia,    10:00  +  6:00  PM Cenacles

31 : PADOVA, Veneto,         10.00 +  6:00  PM Cenacles


June 2007

14 :     LORETO, Marche, Basilica of The Holy House,  10:00 + 6:00 PM Cenacles

23 :     SLOVENIA

24-30 June: Spiritual Exercises of the National MMP Leadership


September 2007

14-18 :            - all throughout AUSTRIA

19  - Oct. 4 :  - all throughout GERMANY


October 2007

19 Sep - 4 Oct   -  all throughout GERMANY

17 - 23 :   SARDINIA

  3 - 30 :   SICILIA


    THE MARIAN MOVEMENT OF PRIESTS                           


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By means of Fr. Stefano Gobbi’s interior locutions, a book, “to the priests, our lady’s beloved sons”, was published as a guide for living in our tempestuous times with the help of Mary,    the Mother of Jesus, and our Spiritual Mother as well.  It reads as a diary covering 1973-1997.


Within this “Manual” of the MMP, Mary teaches us the dispositions required of her children and offers us the safe refuge of her Immaculate Heart in these times of spiritual danger.


Repeatedly, She exhorts us to return to the Church in a penitential and docile manner, to recite the daily Rosary - with Her - and to perform works of charity in the secular world. 


Holy Mass and frequent Confessions are her food for the soul, enabling us to climb the mountain of Calvary as did her son, Jesus, offering to Her our Tribulations to be used for the salvation of “those who have no one to pray for them.”  She pleads we pray for the Pope and her Priest-sons and all religious.


Appearing as “Our Lady of the Rosary” at Fatima, in Portugal, Blessed Mary offered us the possibility to live in “an Era of Peace conceded to Mankind.” 


We accept, and await the salvation of all her children! 


O Clement, O Loving, O Sweet Virgin Mary!

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                 Welcome to the MMP!

Our Lady of Fatima has brought YOU here

in Her Mission to save the entire world

through the Rosary - and Her beloved sons,

the Priests.   Help us to pray for the Era of Peace!

Marian Movement of Priests


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"To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons" The MMP Manual
Book Containing Messages 1973-1997

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"The Spiritual Power of My Cenacles"

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"The Triumph, the Second Coming and the Eucharistic Reign"

"In Defense of the Orthodoxy of the Marian Movement of Priests..."

"Our Mother - Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate"    by Dr. Mark Miravalle, S.T.D. — May, 2000

Fr. Gobbi's Circular Letter - 2004

"Brief #28" - January, 2003

"Rosarium Virginis Mariae" Holy Father's Apostolic Letter on the Rosary


Interview with Fr. Gobbi -1999  (Suggested Donation: Video - $15)

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