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 Fern Blossom Gray


She most loved the scent of Gardenias 

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Fern never forgot the holydays and poured out her love with Masses and prayers for all her family and friends, even if she never mailed them the cards. If she knew you, then you were included!

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Fern Blossom Gray - B. December 3, 1921 - D. Easter Sunday Evening, April 8, 2007 - May God Bless Her Soul Richly!

Fern Gray was raised in Fresno, in central California, but lived most of her adult life in Puget Sound, mostly in the Sumner area, was active in Catholic education,  serving as President within the Pierce County PTA in the 60’s and helped set up the Human Life Movement with Kathy McEntee in the 70’s. 


Fern went on a pilgrimage to Fatima, Portugal with 3 of our local priests and faithful which formed a basis for her true Marian spirituality.  She was a daily communicant and faithful user of the Magnificat daily prayer book.  In 1979 Fern began a new Marian apostolate, The Marian Movement of Priests, which became her mission in life.  She often said this was her niche for our Merciful God who brought her up from a low spiritual life to a greater one.  Those who new her deep spiritually understood how great her unconditional “yes” to Jesus Christ was:  “Whatever you want, Lord!” 


Initially, Fern began a tiny newsletter on one typed sheet to advertise Marian themes like the visiting Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Fatima that came to Boise, Idaho.  She organized 4 bus loads of Marian devotees to attend its veneration.  Later in the year she went to Portland to greet Fr. Stephano Gobbi, of Milan, the founder of the Marian Movement of Priests, who talked about vital prayers for priests.  This began her priestly apostolate and her newsletter, Our Lady’s Mantle, grew to 6,000 free-will subscribers around the USA and abroad.  


In 1984 Fr. Gobbi returned to the northwest at the Benedictine Abbey in Mission, BC, and Fern Gray got another 4 bus loads to attend his Cenacle Masses.  This is where I met Fern and became a Cenacle regular ever since. This MMP apostolate formed the priests and laity to live with the Blessed Virgin Mary on a continuous, everyday experience of family closeness akin to the Holy Family.  Daily Rosary and readings from Fr. Gobbi’s locutions were coupled with a fraternal sharing among friends, neighbors and priests to form a bond that would support priests in their sublime, but often lonely, mission. 


Soon, Fr. James Reichmann, SJ, became the Seattle Archdiocesan Moderator working with Fern, as the Founding Coordinator, to schedule Cenacle Masses on a bi-weekly basis around Puget Sound for 27 years.  Priests such as Fr. Robert Egan, S.J, George Thomas, Bernard Jonientz, William Harris, Joseph Stanichar, Jim Lee, Thomas Nathe, Fr. Bob Camuso, James Mallahan, James Gandrau, Manual Ocana, David Prebula, OSB, Thomas Dilahunty, Joseph Fulton, OP, William Norris, Robert Auer, David Young, Joseph Calik, SCh, Peter Dzikowski, SCh, and Gary Weisenberger, her current pastor, and MANY others were at one time or another saying Mass for Fern’s apostolate to support her beloved priests.


Fr. Albert Roux, the MMP National Director, visited Seattle twice to hold Cenacle Masses with Fr. Gobbi at St. James Cathedral and St. Alphonsus parish with nearly 2,000 in attendance each time.


Later Fern Gray met Fr. William Wagner, ORC, and became a promoter of the Work of the Holy Angels, (O-A) sponsoring weekend retreats with O-A priests such as Frs. John Horgan, William Harris, and Titus Keininger, ORC among others.  Their apostolate fit her others as they attempt to develop a closeness to your Guardian Angel akin to the MMP closeness to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a fraternal, holy cooperation in Grace.  The inspirations Fern received helped her do everything in her day from timing a call to schedule a Cenacle or retreat, to meeting a new person in church to being a Eucharistic Minister to many in rest homes. 


The pit bulldog attack on Nov. 9 while bringing the Host to a shut-in, ended her life by precipitating a stroke that eventually proved fatal on Easter Sunday last.  Fern Gray was a creative, pioneering and steadfast worker for the Lord and His Blessed Mother.  We grieve her loss, but continue in her spirit to Love All and to Offer All. Her Spirit was indomitable, her love for our priests complete.  May she oversee our lives to provide added inspiration for our journey to Heaven as she has done so well during her lifetime.  --paul sutlovich


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