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           Here is a submission from Ed S., Seattle, on the subject of Prayer for Priests:

H.I.S. wants to build a Girls School Addition!  

Got $$$ ?     St. Bridget’s Academy needs YOU!

Q. Who are the COPTICS?  ==>

Right here!   V. old liturgy. Succession from Patriarch of Alexandria.


Byzantines are Orthodox.

Istanbul is Moslem and made mega martyrs of Roman Byz.  stuck there.

Alexandria Patriarch & Pope Theodorus II. 130th since St. Mark in 42 AD.

Coptic Pope Shenouda III.

242,513 members.

Byzantine Patriarch and Pope,  Bartholomew 1, with Roman Pope JP2.     7,760,00 members in 14 congregations.

Here they are in person...

Antioch Patriarch

Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka Iwas.

Roman Patriarch & Pope, Benedict 16

1,070,315,000 members.

Ethiopia Patriarch

196,853 Members.

Armenia Patriarch Aghagianian II with Roman Pope Ben. 16.

368,923 members.

 Maronite Patriarch 

 Nasrallah Cardinal Sfeir.

3,106,792 members.

Chaldean Patriarch Emmanuel III.

382,637 members

Syrian Patriarch and Pope.

123,376 members.

Melchite Patriarch Gregory III.

1,340,913 members.

Text Box:  
Please pray for our Coptic Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt,
who seek an end to religious persecution, guaranteed 
religious freedom and justice for all citizens.
Please pray for mutual respect and understanding
among these religious groups, conversion of heart,
forgiveness and protection of human life and property
necessary to sustain life.
They have been targeted by a wave of brutal attacks on 
their persons, churches, homes and businesses;
over 120 major attacks on the Copts during the past 40 years,
with about 4,000 Copts fatalities and millions of dollars
 of material loss. Most attacks have taken place
on Fridays, after the Muslim prayer in mosques.
“The latest attack on May 11 was in Bamha, 5 miles south of Cairo. 
It reportedly began as the result of a rumor circulated among the Muslims 
that the Copts of the village were planning to convert a house,
 which they used for prayers, into a church. 
The Muslim worshippers were incited by the Imam of the mosque
 and a few fanatics to rise and defend Islam against the "Christian infidels.
" A Muslim mob, estimated to exceed 500, went on a rampage 
using fireballs, knives and hatchets. 
They burned 27 Christian homes and shops” 
Click on this link for the full story

Text Box: Please pray for  
The Society  of  St Vincent De Paul in Tacoma WA
Many  of the members are afraid of losing a Mission
that the stores provide because of the lack of support.
The Mission provides a site for autistic children to work under supervision.
The Mission provides a site for disabled,
 disadvantaged and special services individuals to contribute
 meaningfully to  the  community with their work.
The Mission provides an introductory workplace
for those re-entering the workplace after confronting drug,
 alcohol addiction or other issues.
The Mission is granted a relief on property taxes
but must pay all other taxes including sales tax,
 L&I and SS, while receiving no federal or state funds.

The Mission includes training and certification
for employees in such things as first aid, forklift driver operator
and  other skills related to recycling and retail operations.
The Mission supports when possible all parish (conferences)
 or Society volunteers who in turn pay rents, utilities, distribute food or food vouchers and  clothing vouchers or vouchers for furniture and household goods through the region.

I am asking for support here in prayer, in spirit,
 and materially if possible
because you all understand the importance of giving  to those
our society considers lost, unworthy, incapable and a problem. 
Many of you understand first hand the difficulty of integrating
 a person who is different into a community.
Please pray for the  Mission 
that we may attract the volunteers we need,
 the grace we need and the funds we need
to continue this charity into the future
for the benefit of those we serve
and the benefit of those who serve. 

Thomas Erskine
Executive Director
Society of St Vincent De Paul
4009 S 56th Street
Tacoma WA. 98409
beggar on the Mount of Carmel
and a reliant on the Love of Mary

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